«…l’avènement de l’homme marque un palier entièrement original, d’une importance égale à ce que fut l’apparition de la vie, et que l’on peut définir comme l’établissement sur la planète, d’une sphère pensante, surimposée à la biosphère, la noosphère. En elle, l’immense effort de cérébralisation qui commença sur la terre juvénile va s’achever, en direction de l’organisation collective ou socialisation… » Pierre TEILHARD de CHARDIN

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"... The advent of man is marking an entirely original level, equally important such as the emergence of life, and that can be defined as the establishment on the planet, in a thinking sphere, superimposed on the biosphere, the Noosphere. In it, the immense effort which began with the cerebralization of the juvenile earth will end in a direction of collective socialization or organization... " Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

40 % = SOCIAL
20% = DATA

La sérendipité est le fait de réaliser une découverte scientifique ou une invention technique de façon inattendue à la suite d'un concours de circonstances fortuit et très souvent dans le cadre d'une recherche concernant un autre sujet. La sérendipité est le fait de « trouver autre chose que ce que l'on cherchait », tout en s'attendant à découvrir quelque chose par la simple action de chercher.

"La société mondiale actuelle est en train d’être «unifiée» principalement par la mondialisation des capitaux, des marchés financiers, des transports, des communications, des entreprises, de la consommation. Dans le cadre du marché mondial intégré en émergence, rien n’est garanti, assuré. Tout est à conquérir. L’intérêt de celui qui gagne devient l’intérêt général. On a vidé nos sociétés de ce qui les fait vivre : le bien commun." Un Bien à (re)construire. Riccardo Petrella.

"The current global society is being "unified" primarily by the globalization of capital, financial markets, transportation, communications, business, consumption. As part of the emerging integrated global market, nothing is guaranteed, provided. Everything is about to win. The interest of whoever wins becomes the general interest of our societies. Societies emptied by which they live : the Commons." Although a common to (re)build. Riccardo Petrella.

Le projet coopératif de Welcy permet aux acteurs économiques et sociaux de (re)construire du bien commun. Welcy met en partage les usages de protocoles ouverts entre des organisations humaines, pour l'échange de services indispensables à l'épanouissement de leurs activités. Welcy est un réseau de consensus distribué, utilisant des outils pair-à-pair décentralisés -sécurisés physiquement, légalement et virtuellement- sans autorité de contrôle ni intermédiaire -ni matériel ni logiciel- pour réaliser les transactions et les communications entre ceux qui y participent.

The Welcy cooperative approach provides economic and social actors to (re)build the Commons. Welcy promote uses of shared open protocols between human organizations for the exchange of services, essential for the development of their activities. Welcy is a distributed consensus network, using decentralized peer-to-peer tools without control or through authority to make transactions and communications between those involved.


Welcy is a collaborative and evolutive multimedia project promoting free tools. It aims at using key ideas and practices of the commons movement, including through the creative process of the project itself.

Unrestricted Search Engine

Free and decentralized search engine; non-intrusive, respect of privacy, professional but neither commercial nor partisan and not possible to censure. The independance tool for all.

Media Library

Application to an iconographic data-base shared peer-to-peer by visual category; for professional use according to the rights available, in all kind of existing licences. If you can't wait and want escape the market now, check this :


This tool is primarily a set of co-operators who want to put content online, in full responsability. Not to subject at advertisements, without following or providing personal information. Try freedoom with another hosting and come back soon coming soon


Each of us produces each day thousands information. First version of the tool is to share private local-geo-localization with partners by mobile without to build a specific application or using a GAFA.

Open Vector Maps

All the world in free vector maps (+Ruby+Java)), as an interactive use of your data-base or your biggest "big data". Let's open informations by clean and easy GUI. Open Vector Maps

Take the Media

An application to share all smartphones captures, from one localization at the same time, instantly, to use them as "multi-eyes" camera; for civilian and human-rights watch use, according to defend the freedom of information; decentralized and without censorship.

coming soon
Working Syncronized

This tool will replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it's transmitted over the Internet. Waiting for it, just try a free storage in the cloud, using the same tech.

Asocial Client

An asocial network client is not for Apple’s business model. Differing to that of Google in that Apple sells products to its customers (who are its users) whereas companies like Google sell their users to their customers (who are not their users).


Working on (re)build the Commons movement allows success to separate projects. Supporting various projects allows to (re)construct the commons.

Before made WELCY was important projects involved in the Commons. All of this works was ideas and productions from Matias-Roland Decraene, sourced and made in Vietnam, from 2008 to 2014. Linked in an opened cooperative movement to all major modern businesses what they are "real".

Today, still works to support.

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Let's go together : when it's committed to rebuild the commons, everything we share, every time we give, each partnership for free, give back freedoom to someone, somewhere.


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